GCP down?

Twitter Oomnj
Jun 2 5 Comments

Yo guys what’s going on there? Been out for most of the afternoon now.

Let us know if you need extra hands


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  • Google watchfb
    All our Oracle folks are fixing it.
    Jun 2 3
    • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
      😂 what do you think of GCP? I think AWS and Azure will be the Android and iOS equivalent. I don’t know where GCP will stand, I hardly see any job positing that asks for GCP exp. AWS/Azure are standard
      Jun 2
    • Microsoft


      Yet you will probably switch to GCP if given an offer.
      Jun 2
    • Amazon / Eng Yolo!
      You mean work at GCP? Heck No! I worked at Google before, will probably go back later in career when I want to rest and vest.
      Jun 2
  • Amazon / Mgmt JeffBaizos
    Thoughts and prayers for all the poor leaders who will have to explain to TK what happened. He is a treat!
    Jun 2 0