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Sep 5, 2018 3 Comments

Interview with GE recruiter today for position as Biomedical Equipment Tech 2 around Charlotte. Anyone weigh in on what it's like to work for GE? Salary ranges? Quality of life?


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    General Electric
    Salary ranges are nothing like FAANG. I was considered top 5 performers for my site and regularly received recognition at the VP level - yet my "amazing pay increases" amounted to something like 4%-5%.
    Also was awarded RSUs (which is incredibly rare for anyone under senior staff) but the RSU award was a pathetic 5k with a 4 year vest.
    If you have a good manager and you are a good performer you'll truly be able to take full advantage of the "unlimited PTO". On average, including company holidays, I took about 9-10 weeks off a year.

    WLB can be good if you want it. You can come in, bullshit for 2-4 hours a day, put in a solid 3-4 hours of real work and go home.
    I've seen a lot of senior guys who do nothing but come in, chat with co-workers for 6+ hours, answer a few E-mails and then go home.

    Culture is super dependent on your team and on your site. It can be great (like my site was) or super depressing (like the main campus was).

    Keep in mind that GE as a company is 'failing'. Healthcare has been divested and will be spun off into another company. Only 'core' GE will be kept (for now?), that's Aviation, Power and Renewables. The trend is that everything is focused on turbines and reusing it everywhere (for GE engines, for Power generation and for wind turbines).
    The CEO and the leadership are under heavy pressure by activist investors to do something about the cratering stock price.. it's all about 'cost-out' and 'increasing free cash flow' and 'protecting the dividend at all cost'.
    You know what this means right? An incredible pressure to limit pay increases, to limit perks and to give employees less resources to get the job done.

    GE views its engineering organization as a necessary cost to make the products..and as a cost it wishes to minimize it. To illustrate this point, I overheard a conversation at the VP level where it the option of 'strongly encouraging' employees to work uncompensated overtime to increase margins was made.
    Let that sink in, at GE you will be a cost that needs to be reduced. You are not a valuable resource, you are not the key to their success - you are another line worker in an assembly line (just look at the fact that they have a process for EVERYTHING, they even have a process to create new processes).

    Overall, I would not recommend GE unless you want to coast and being very well paid doesn't matter too much. The pay is decent, even kind of good if you live in a low CoL area - but it doesn't even come close to touching FAANG pay (even after adjusting for CoL).
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  • Google / Eng fIsI07
    I was paid ~120 right out of college when I worked there
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  • Tenet Healthcare fXMh30
    Thanks for the insight! In North Carolina we have the oldest and one of the largest Biomed associations in the country. GE doesn't support it's people attending and is generally looked down upon as an employer. Odds are they may offer me close to 10-15k pay raise. But I don't think I'd fit with the company, and the site is located in heart of one of the biggest cities. I'll talk to recruiter, but don't see it going anywhere.
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