GM Family First discount

Google / Enggdjsg
Feb 25 8 Comments

How much is the discount?
Anyone willing to give me a referral.

Would be treated with dinner/Happy hour.


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  • General Motors / EngagmV57
    If you have a fairly new competitor vehicle I can get you a conquest/executive code. Better than family code
    Feb 260
  • Cruise Automation wtcjuetb
    GM Execs can give the discount to first time GM buyers who are switching brands. (Kind of like how if you switch cell phone carriers the new one will offer to pay the fee to get out of your old contract so that they can secure a new converted customer). If this is you, you can PM me and I can help you out.
    Mar 12
    • Cruise Automation wtcjuetb
      Oh just read the other responses, you can go through agmV57.
      Mar 1
    • General Motors QEmN10
      If these two fall through I can perhaps get one but will need some requisite information. Out of curiosity what do you drive now, what are you looking at? The aforementioned codes CANNOT be wasted.
      Mar 2
  • Twitch yusername
    I don't think the can give referral to none family members.
    Feb 261
    • General Motors sBto05
      I don't know how much auditing they do, but you could just say that you're related by X.
      Feb 26
  • General Motors 👺TuskMusk
    Depends on the vehicle. Usually it’s right under MSRP (maybe avg 2-3k off.. the more expensive the car the higher the discount). Essentially the discount is just a “haggle free” price. should have a vehicle builder you can see pricing at.
    Feb 260
  • Cruise Automation 🛠️🐒‼️
    Google it, friend from Google. the info is all on the website.
    Feb 260

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