GOT Not My Thing

Amazon Amapiped
May 14 21 Comments

People are talking about GOT all around. I watched two episodes in season 1 and found it boring so never watched again. Is this just me?


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  • Capital One / Eng yVjt53
    I don’t think two episodes is enough to get invested since there are so many characters and no real “main” character. But some people just don’t like it.
    May 14 4
    • Intel apsodj
      If you get through S1E9 and quit, I’ll be impressed. First couple are pretty boring as it sets the calm before the storm. Winter is Coming.
      May 14
    • Clover Health sinkinship
      What storm? Lol.
      May 14
    • Indeed YNfu77
      The short long night
      May 14
    • Clover Health sinkinship
      Dying rn lol 🤣🤣🤣
      May 14
  • Oracle neworcl
    +1 it's not for me
    May 14 0
  • Facebook public2
    May 14 0
  • Microsoft Pabst420
    You are not alone @OP. I tried to
    Watch the full first season; and while the shock factor is there, It’s just too much emotional commitment for me personally for a show. I’d rather use all that emotional energy towards the people in my life than waste it on a TV show.

    And Honest Trailers on youtube kinda ruined it for me lol.

    Again this is just my opinion, and I have friends who are all Googoo and gaga over the show and I respect that. Just not for me.

    Full disclosure: I’m a huge HP, Star Wars, Marvel and DC fanboi
    May 14 0
  • New / Eng Bsky
    Watch attack on titan first 5 episodes. It should take you maybe 2 hours to do that. Enjoy and thank me later
    May 14 0
  • Pinterest KtwD04
    Spoiler: Ned stark dies in the end 😂
    May 14 0
  • MathWorks Afop03
    People who don’t like GOT are the same who think Black Panther should be given Oscars.
    May 14 0
  • Juniper 404 found
    I found them boring, overhyped, illogical and shitty 🙄
    May 14 0
  • New wlb?
    I left after 4 seasons
    Somethings are not everyone and it’s ok
    May 14 0
  • S&P Global / IT ozzym
    Too much hype. Tried it but found that it's not my thing
    May 14 0
  • Amazon partygal
    No it's not just you. Dont like it
    May 14 0
  • Apple / Eng kGUv48
    I didn’t like it at first. But I watched a bunch of best scenes on YouTube. Now I’m hooked and a super fan.
    May 14 0
  • Amazon PurpleTaco
    I could have done it better
    May 14 0
  • Amazon snowing
    I am with you too.
    May 14 0
  • Cisco leet.code
    I didn't like avengers
    May 14 0
  • Capital One Slackstar
    Same, though the thread title may be inviting some confirmation bias.

    But yes, I'm done wasting the first 5 mins of every Monday meeting recapping the episode from the night before - ready for the series to go away.
    May 14 0
  • Google HLvr72
    yes you are the chosen one.
    May 14 0