GSU Refresh/Base vs Perf?

New pezon
Oct 11 15 Comments

Joined Google late last year, hoping for a nice first refresh. My understanding is that the size of the refresh depends on base and your perf ratings for the year. What would be a good rule of thumb/ballpark for refresh (as % of base) and averaged perf rating?

E.g. CME: 45%, EE: 50%, etc


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  • Google fangu
    Doesn't have to do with current base, just level and perf rating (people with much higher bases than me had same refresh with good ratings). At L4, average perf ratings should get a 70-80k refresh over 4 years.
    Oct 11 11
    • CBT Nuggets IAmDBest
      @pezon, aah, I totally misread it! Apologies for my naive questions but, is there only one raise cycle per year? Usually how much stock refreshers can be seen during such cycles? Also, a raise/perf cycle is different from promo right?
      Oct 12
    • New pezon
      You get a perf rating twice a year. You can choose to go for promo in either cycle.

      Compensation gets adjusted in the year end cycle (now), but sometimes things happen out of cycle in anomalous cases.

      Your question about the size of refresh was basically what I asked.
      Oct 12
    • CBT Nuggets IAmDBest
      Makes sense! Thank you for your answer pezon.
      Oct 12
    • CBT Nuggets IAmDBest
      @pezon, I found this another thread where people have posted a couple of real numbers (, maybe it helps you get an idea as well. So it looks like refreshers only occur once a year, so does that mean that raises (not promo, just raise without level increase) only happen once a year? I thought they might happen twice a year, i.e. once every perf review.
      Oct 13
    • New pezon
      Thanks. Yes, it's once a year based on both perf cycles of the year.
      Oct 14
  • Google qxghk
    f(ladder, level, perf) + g(manager tweak)
    Oct 11 0
  • Apple KGHP41
    Depends on level too
    Oct 11 1
    • New pezon
      Yes, whoops, that should be a column
      Oct 11


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