Game Designer Avg Salary?

New 6KQ58t
Jun 21 5 Comments

5What's the average salary for a game designer with 2-3 YOE in the bay area? Currently getting around 95k Salary.

Wondering if I'm Currently getting underpaid...

Also, is pay higher/lower in Southern California?


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  • New / Project karawaii
    Did you check glassdoor?
    Jun 21 2
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    • New 6KQ58t
      I checked the numbers on Glassdoor but thought I'd ask on Blind to find out if those numbers are up-to-date.
      Jun 21
  • EA / Design mgJH31
    That’s not out of the ordinary for a base level designer in the Bay Area.

    It’s a joke salary in comparison to what you see on here for tech, but welcome to the game industry. If you’re in it for the money, you’re in the wrong industry.
    Jun 21 0
  • New / Design ark86
    At a small studio in LA, making 86k as a senior designer but have a large equity stake in the company to offset. Also excellent benefits
    Jun 21 0