Gaming company perks

Amazon QFTem8
Apr 30 13 Comments

So, when you work at Amazon you get 10 percent off, when you work at Gap you get a discount, when you work at a gaming company what do you get? Do you get like rare characters? OR FREE MONEY?? Would love to know what your perks are!


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Microsoft JT907!
    You get underpaid and crunch time
    Apr 30 0
  • Twitter hodgesodge
    You generally get bent over.
    Apr 30 1
    • Amazon / Eng DeepObsess
      Yes sooner or later LoL
      Apr 30
  • Amazon Vaporeon
    We don't get prime at Amazon lol. We get 10% off on Amazon sold products
    Apr 30 0
  • Microsoft Coachella
    I thought you don't get Prime at Amazon.
    Apr 30 1
    • Daimler nqkD30
      You don’t
      May 2
  • Facebook / Eng Expossible
    When I was at Activision I got two free Activision-Blizzard games of choice (in addition to free Call of Duty games because I worked on a COD team) and a general discount on other games within reason.
    Apr 30 0
  • Palo Alto Networks KTkC88
    Uhh I did a summer job at thq back when they were a thing. We got 50% off their games, but still wasn't worth it usually.
    Apr 30 0
  • Amazon Nozz
    I worked at mainly smaller companies throughout the years, and the constant perk through them all was wearable swag. I have a closet full of shirts and jackets from various companies.
    May 14 0
  • Riot Games / IT

    Riot Games IT

    Gaming fund U$200 /year to buy any types of games. Life bonus U$250/month to pay for movies concerts expenses uber etc. Great medical dental.
    May 8 0
  • EA an0803
    Free games, in-game credits, Console reimbursement
    Apr 30 0
  • Google iis8203hk
    Small amount of fake money that you can spend in the in-game digital store. Guaranteed beta access for new characters, but no exclusive characters. Free subscription to your company’s sub-based games.
    Apr 30 0
  • Salesforce qpdkcidne
    Been a while, but EA use to give $100 towards a console purchase. Free copy of any game you worked on. 5 free games over certain time periods (i think it was per year). Anything after that you got a good discount, it varied but typically 50%. You also could ‘rent’ any game for free as long as you returned it. You had pretty much endless EA crap, I had a ton of games I never even opened...
    Apr 30 0