Gaming Company Caste Systems?

Activision Blizzard 1HGWJv
May 29 9 Comments

Is Blizzard the only company that has a pseudo hierarchy going on among teams? Or do other gaming companies have them too with game teams up on top?


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  • Take-Two Interactive Software YPGs25
    Profit center vs cost center, dogg
    May 29 1
    • Riot Games

      Riot Games

      Riot Games
      May 29
  • Activision Blizzard / Eng bHsd57
    LOL “pseudo”
    May 29 0
  • EA / Design mgJH31
    Do you mean certain game teams get preferential treatment in the company over others based on the property they work on and how profitable or well liked it is?

    If so, no, Blizzard is definitely not the only company that does that.
    May 29 3
    • EA / Eng IT 🎈
      Yea... FIFA
      May 29
    • EA / Design mgJH31
      Also DICE, at least used to be
      May 29
    • EA / Eng IT 🎈
      May 29
  • Activision Blizzard / Design Metzen
    Do you know C++?
    May 30 0
  • EA 1OxY4a
    Ofc everyone wants to be on a game team
    May 29 0