Gaming Industry Hierarchy

Cognizant wEOCeG
May 14 5 Comments

What does the hierarchy of gaming look like? Who works closest to the actual game? who barely has any influence?


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  • Amazon Nozz
    Depends on the company. At Japanese companies Producers are kings. At startups designers or programmers are king. At most big name corporate companies these days data is king (and those who make decisions based on data - usually PMs). But QA is always at the bottom of the totem pole regardless.
    May 14 3
    • Zynga SEMC11
      Agreed, at larger gaming companies PMs are king with data being close to them.
      May 14
    • Activision Blizzard 86753on
      Neither PMs nor Producers are Kong’s at Blizzard
      May 14
    • Twitch / Cust. Srv.

      Twitch Cust. Srv.

      I'm black as the night
      The Dev teams rule the land at blizzard, and the scums of the earth are ancillary services teams. Like eSports for example. They gutted that entire team and more are quitting
      May 15
  • Beckon / Eng dBqe01
    There are many patterns but the core parts are 3 leaders for each game.

    For each game,

    Tech Lead
    Art Lead
    Game Designer Lead

    3 leaders report to the Director.
    The Director talks to the producer.

    The producer works on outside stuff like financial so that director can concentrate on the game.
    May 14 0