Gaming Streamers TC?

Google m0h2Bj
May 8 3 Comments

Curious how much Streamers for gaming make on a regular basis ...Does anyone from twitch or youtube have this kind of information? How many viewers do you need to make a decent living? What games are the best to stream?


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  • Amazon dheiwdhcke
    > How many viewers do you need to make a decent living?

    A fuck ton. 99% of streamers won't make a living off it.

    Some streamers have made videos talking about their income. But, really, unless you're top tier or a hot girl, you won't be making much.
    May 8 1
    • Amazon SlhS10
      It's amazing how much streamers can make with relatively few viewers compared to a YouTube video. Total stream views for a broadcast with a few thousand concurrent viewers can't be very high. The content is largely ephemeral so I imagine it's largely whales contributing to the majority of their "donation" income.
      May 8
  • Amazon uuuwuuuuu
    Depends on how much your community donates/subs to you. Can be anywhere from 500-5000 avg concurrent viewers
    May 8 0