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Do they ask any gaming specific questions at companies like EA/Ubisoft? What does the interview structure usually look like? Hoping to interview at a few gaming companies and wondering what I should work on besides code.


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  • eBay / Eng xlololx
    lol why are you trying to go into my reverse direction?
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  • Every bit of C++, performance like CPU cache, multithreading, and past experience
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  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    At my old company, we’d ask lots of questions about previous experience and have you explain the most technical parts as best you could.
    If you were interviewing for a server network engineer, there’d be lots of questions about best practices, understanding of different network models, etc.
    For gameplay engineers, we’d throw out a hypothetical gameplay system (ie: inventory system) and ask you to explain how you’d design it.
    You’re expected to ask A LOT of questions about what you are solving. Because you shouldn’t solve something without knowing the designers restrictions and needs.
    Oh and we asked about perf considerations (cpu, gpu, memory) when talking about code.
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