Gender pay gap in engineering, real or no?

Amazon root53
Feb 23 24 Comments

Do you think women engineers get payed less then their male counterparts in the same position/role/level?



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TOP 24 Comments
  • New mq42of
    Companies take advantage of women not being as aggressive in negotiations
    Feb 234
    • Facebook / Data傻瓜🥚
      They take advantage of everybody who’s unaggressive in negotiations.
      Feb 23
    • Amazon bayyyzoes
      Feb 23
    • Aon Hewitt winter 123
      Yes but aggressive women are percieved in the wrong way.
      Feb 24
    • Amazon bayyyzoes
      Leverage is leverage. A person either uses it or they don’t.
      Feb 24
  • MailChimp aRGY83
    This is not a subjective question; it’s been proven to exist again and again.
    Feb 232
    • OpenTable Meliodas
      But, people with no special knowledge want to opine that it doesn’t.
      Feb 23
    • Google Uusl71
      The question really should be "how large is the unexplained wage gap" and "do you believe the unexplained portion is due to discrimination". Most studies peg the unexplained gap at < 3% which is *far* from the regularly touted 21%, but then there's still a question of if we just lack the data to properly attribute the last 3% *or* if that's due to discrimination itself.

      Whether a gap exists is less critical than "why" it exists, because the common mischaracterization is that any gap between groups exists entirely because of discrimination, which is misguided at best.
      Feb 23
  • Microsoft innocent
    That's more as negotiation skill pay gap then gender pay gap
    Feb 230
  • LG lzml
    I only know the salaries of 3 women in FANG, but I was surprised at how low they were in all three instances. I'm inclined to say it does exist.
    Feb 230
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Yes, hence the regular string of public compensation adjustment announcements when companies conduct equity audits.
    Feb 230
  • Google


    At Google they actually recently bumped male L4 SWEs because they found females were getting most of the discretionary bonus and grants.
    Feb 232
    • Google trolDtrols
      Yep, I was one of the beneficiaries of that. Yey feminism !
      Feb 23
    • Cruise Automation / Eng⛸️
      Now, if only all companies did that for women
      Feb 24
  • Google trolDtrols
    There is a workplace death gap.
    Feb 230
  • Indeed cyhy46
    I keep in touch with tons of friends and former colleagues, we have a spreadsheet where we keep track of our salaries, compare them, and use this to figure out who should ask for raises.

    There is no meaningful difference in pay between male and female software engineers of comparable ability and seniority, at comparable companies, across the hundred or so data points in our spreadsheet. In fact, I'm not confident enough to say for sure but I would be willing to guess that the women are paid _more_, on average, although this I think is an artifact caused by the fact that the women are disproportionately applying to work at FAANG/etc companies, who pay much better
    Feb 260
  • Amazon / Engn0v
    Controlling for variables, the gender pay gap is 4-7%, and decreasing. Some individual companies might do better or worse.
    Feb 240
  • Amazon pleH88
    Small business I feel still has the issue. Faang has been more equal but harder on the hours
    Feb 240
  • Indeed zegra
    The pay gap is around 3% when properly taking preferences and choices into account Explained entirely by difference in negotiation skills.
    Feb 230
  • American Express
    JaJa JaJa

    American Express

    JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America
    JaJa JaJamore
    There could be gender pay gap but does it reflect bias for a gender or may be that women are not as good at negotiation. I'm not saying they are. Can say the same thing if there is a culture gap like people from certain countries are more comfortable negotiating than others.
    Feb 231
    • Aon Hewitt winter 123
      Well even if women negotiate, it's seen differently then men negotiating. Same way as women showing the same leadership skills as men are seen as"bossy"
      Feb 24
  • IBM / Eng


    open source
    Dunno. Nobody will tell me how much they get paid.
    Feb 230
  • Xilinx / Mgmtswphd
    Yup. Have seen sudden unexplained large adjustments.

    Couldn't think of any other explanation
    Feb 230
  • Target ilhzrh5
    I recently became a manager of both men and women...I know all their results and skills and FUCK YES WOMEN ARE PAID WAY LOWER THAN MEN
    May 130

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