Getting written negative feedback but my peers would disagree. Give up or escalate?

Snapchat mrjackson
Feb 2 18 Comments

This is the first time in my career I am getting written feedback in a way someone could fire me. I wasn't presented a PIP or anything but my manager is clearly showing signs he is trying to push me out.
I tried to work on the feedback he gives me, but the feedback is increasingly getting less specific, therefore harder to act on.

Whenever there is a grey area where my manager could write something bad, he does and says he would do it differently, saying I made a bad judgment call. This used to happen every other month, but now it's happening every week.

Oddly though, multiple ppl from other teams told me I helped a lot, so I would assume they wrote something generally good on my performance review. Of course I have areas of improvement, but it doesn't seem like I'm doing that bad.

My skip manager is distant and has too many ppl to manage. What should I do? Just wait for the actual PIP or maybe even get straight out fired or try to escalate? I do have some evidence that my manager is neglecting me.

Yes I am looking for external jobs. Just wondering if fighting back and trying to reach out to my skip has any worth to my effort. No trolls pls

I'm not a developer (I'm in marketing), so it's not like I can find another job next week.
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  • New Nutel
    Fighting a PIP or a hostile manager hardly ever works.
    Change project or change companies
    Feb 2 5
    • Snapchat mrjackson
      I wish I was in a PIP. At least from what I've read, the person is presented a "plan" with clear deliverables, deadlines, etc. Instead, my manager just keeps writing I made bad judgment calls and that he would have done differently.
      Feels more like I will be straight up fired
      Feb 2
    • Uber yTzY24
      Can you just ignore it?
      Feb 2
    • New Nutel
      All the more reason to leave
      Feb 2
    • A10 Networks / Eng

      A10 Networks Eng

      F5 Networks, Oracle, Vertafore
      I yam who I yam - Popeye
      People don’t usually survive PIPs. Just find another job.
      Feb 3
    • Zillow Group / Eng anKW36
      This may be your development plan that comes before a pip. They look a lot like a pip but are less formal. Soon after, you’ll probably find yourself on a formal pip plan. Switch teams/start job hunting immediately. There’s no stopping this train, sorry.
      Feb 3
  • Oscar / Other Tender
    Say this: fuck snapchat. Move on to another company!
    Feb 2 0
  • Microsoft UG8Dd3
    If it’s clear the manager wants you gone it’s best to accept that fact and *act*, not wait.

    You always have the option of being direct: talk to the manager and negotiate a time period to be gone.

    Hint: s/he is doing it now because they don’t want you on their next years budget. If things progress they might offer you a VSA in which they’ll pay a couple of months salary and a lump amount to put towards COBRA. There are 4-5 months left in FY19 so that’s what you have to play with.

    Do fight back. They may not want the hassle of doing a pip ESPECIALLY if it’s going to require a lot of work on their part *or* there’s a chance you can beat it.

    Increasingly vague feedback is how they lead you off the cliff. You start to think they don’t care and stop being diligent and they write you up and fire you. If they fire you there’s zero dollars - no lump sum, no money for cobra - nothing. (You get accrued vacation time paid).

    Fight and find your way out

    Good luck
    Feb 2 0
  • Quantcast tt8675309
    Ask yourself this. Would you have taken this job if you knew your chemistry with your manager would be this bad? Point being, you wouldn't so why stay in the position now.

    Also unless this manager has a really bad rep it will be very difficult to fight and honestly it's a lose-lose situation anyway.
    Feb 2 0
  • Indeed / PR CDwY37
    Not mutually exclusive options I’d say. If you have something on this manager, you can revenge after you leave and get to a safe place.
    Feb 2 1
    • Capital One / Eng suraji
      Not worth it. Even if you sue and win, you will leave a bad rep for everyone to remember, FOREVER.

      Change project after you become establish you can topple your then-manager using internal political leverage
      Feb 2
  • Snapchat fQgT31
    Change a manager. Change a company if that's required. Your energy you'd spend on fighting back be better spent on moving with flow elsewhere.
    Mar 23 0
  • Uber fjdy
    Nice TC for marketing
    Feb 2 0
  • Zillow Group Sr. Troll
    Time to jump
    Feb 6 0
  • New Stuvy
    Layoffs are coming Snappers !
    Feb 6 0
  • The exact same thing is happening to me here. @ALL can anyone refer me to jobs? If so, pls PM me
    Feb 6 0
  • Pegasystems PegaPawn
    Even if you survived the pip, snapchat is a sinking ship anyways. Instagram will keep their lead in users and are happy to continue copying all new features from snap
    Feb 5 0
  • Salesforce / Product BvFy21
    Learn what you can from it and gtfo. Even if you escalate there’s no repairing your brand.
    Feb 3 0