Ghc 2019

Microsoft ghc2019
Oct 3 12 Comments

What was your takeaway so far?


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  • My manager who is super racist and put people down posted a pic on Linkedin and wrote how humbled she feels and excited she is meeting new people and learning different perspectives
    Oct 3 2
    • Salesforce Morphisms
      Classic Linkedin flex
      Oct 3
    • Bloomberg bb_mars
      lol the biggest D&I evangelists I know are the most racist and nepotistic people in the company. Classic.
      Oct 4
  • Intel Cloud_DC
    LinkedIn has become Instagram now.
    Oct 3 5
    • Microsoft / Consultant micrusade1
      Everyone is farting off their fake knowledge nowadays on Linkedin. "Career Coach", "Motivation Guru", "AI Expert", what fucking not. Fancy titles and posts.
      Oct 5
    • Intel Cloud_DC
      True to some extent. Saw a guy who is looking for a job as a career coach.
      Oct 5
    • Amazon bcif84ju7u
      Titles are ridiculous on linkedin. Seeing business ppl slinging buzzwords like AI around makes me puke
      Oct 5
    • Intel Cloud_DC
      Branding is the new buzzword. Put some quotes, some link to an article and things like that in LinkedIn and suddenly you are a “leader”. I used to like LinkedIn before and now it’s just a bunch of fake everything that it’s losing its purpose.
      Oct 5
    • Microsoft / Consultant micrusade1
      Don't forget, many in "Forbes 30 under 30" are actually LinkedIn shitposters. Shitposting on LinkedIn is the best way to get into that cancerous list.
      Oct 5
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  • Microsoft / Consultant micrusade1
    Oct 5 0
  • Oracle hey1
    Bunch of free stuff
    Oct 3 0


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