Giving the last 4 digits of your SSN to Consulting Company

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Apr 27 12 Comments

So, I’ve come across 2 consulting companies that have wanted the last 4 digits of my SSN. This is asked during the initial chat with the recruiter, before a technical interview is scheduled.

I was reluctant, so I didn’t give 1 company my info, and didn’t move forward with the interview. Then I get hit up by another company a few days later and they asked for the same thing. I’ve worked with other consulting companies in the past where i wasn’t asked to give the last 4 digits of my SSN and still moved onto a phone technical.

How common is this? Have you given them the last 4 digits of your SSN before the interview process even started?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Google / Eng

    Google Eng

    That’s weird. They should ask for the full 9 digits.
    Apr 27 0
  • New / Eng QTdN03
    No. This must be some social engineering attempt. I didn’t give anything related to my SSN until after accepting the offer.
    Apr 27 0
  • Tesla uhhyhhgh
    Never provide anything to them. A 3rd part agencies can request it on their websites after a formal offer to run background checks.
    Apr 27 0
  • Pinger / Eng create💻
    Do consulting companies get some special privilege? A regular employer would never ask this afaik
    Apr 27 0
  • Magic Leap uqcT83
    Don't forget to give credit card number with security code or take the cash out of bank and transfer via western union will be all set then for the interview ...
    Apr 27 0
  • Morgan Stanley ewIj68
    Yes mine is 2134
    Apr 27 4
    • Mine is exactly reverse 4312
      Apr 27
    • Twitter chutya
      Mine is 1234. Not sure how they issued it.
      Apr 27
    • Morgan Stanley ewIj68
      We are SSN twins. We should all Meetup and have a family together
      Apr 27
    • Veritas f1hs3
      Friends forever. Mine is 2431
      Apr 27
  • New / Eng bifunctor
    Last four are the hardest to predict.
    Apr 27 0
  • New / Product xzUE84
    Do they work in the finance space? There is one large bank that uses last 4 to differentiate between FTE outside consultants because they dont want a person bouncing between firms to circumvent the 2 year max policy
    Apr 27 0


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