Global and language trends for engineers

Microsoft It’sOkay
Feb 5 15 Comments

As the world gets smaller and tech becomes ubiquitous, I predict that there will be a surging need for software engineers who can speak multiple languages and work with international partners. Particularly in places like Latin America or Southeast Asia. It would also make sense that these engineers have to be above average communicators and company representatives. Do you think you would make the cut?



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  • Microsoft Micr0s0ft
    Then Indians will rule the world! I can't wait.
    Feb 5 8
    • Microsoft Micr0s0ft
      Hahaha. All CEOs are Indians and this country already belongs to Indians.
      Feb 5
    • Microsoft It’sOkay
      The country belongs to Indians? You just killed any possible credibility there.
      Feb 5
    • Google / Eng
      From my other post:

      This is not true. Indian CEOs are still a minority.

      Some public companies based in Silicon Valley:

      Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg
      Apple - Tim Cook
      Netflix - Reed Hastings
      Google - Sundar Pichai*
      Tesla - Elon Musk
      Dropbox - Drew Houston
      Salesforce - Marc Benioff
      Oracle - Larry Ellison
      Cisco - Chuck Robbins
      eBay - Devin Wenig
      Paypal - Dan Schulman
      Workday - Aneel Bhusri
      Nvidia - Jensen Huang
      Intuit - Sasan Goodarzi
      Adobe - Shantanu Narayen*
      VMware - Patrick Gelsinger
      Cadence - Lip Bu Tan
      Intel - Robert Swan
      AMD - Lisa Su
      HP Inc - Dion Weisler
      HP Enterprise - Antonio Neri
      Electronic Arts - Andrew Wilson
      Symantec - Greg Clark
      Riverbed Technologies - Paul Mountford

      Some private companies based in Silicon Valley:

      Airbnb - Brian Chesky
      Palantir - Peter Thiel
      Uber - Dara K.
      Lyft - Logan Green
      Stripe - Patrick Collison
      Pinterest - Ben Silbermann
      Slack - Stewart Butterfield
      Coinbase - Brian Armstrong
      Robinhood - Vlad & Baiju
      Rubrik - Bipul Sinha*

      Not included because they are technically based outside Silicon Valley: Amazon, Microsoft, Snap, Atlassian, etc.

      Out of all those companies, I only see three Indian CEOs. Two others are of Indian descent: Aneel Bhusri and Baiju Bhatt. But both are born and raised in the US.
      Feb 5
    • Microsoft / Eng caltrop
      Ignore this Microsoft troll. He/she has been giving out false info & trolling very obviously for a couple of weeks now.
      Feb 5
    • Microsoft


      Manager of small dev team in Azure
      Yeah, he is a fucking asshole.
      Feb 6
  • Northrop Grumman / Eng HowCouldYu
    I know it’s early into 2019, but I’m gunna go ahead and nominate this for ‘Worst Poll of the Year’. Great job OP, captivating work
    Feb 5 1
    • Microsoft It’sOkay
      Let me guess, you won’t make the cut.
      Feb 5
  • Tableau Zero Cool
    In some places of Latin America, most of the people code in English, and most tech companies offer classes to avoid having issues.
    It is way more likely this will be the norm
    Feb 5 0
  • Datometry / Eng LangEr
    This has already sort of begun. I observed new openings at FANG. One of those was literally titled - ‘Indian English Language Engineer’.
    Feb 6 1
    • Microsoft It’sOkay
      What does that even mean
      Feb 6
  • Google / Other

    Google Other

    Flagged by the community
    Speak American. Also MAGA.
    Feb 6 0