Goldman sachs vs JP Morgan Chase

New kinwea
Jun 26 13 Comments

Which is a better, more stable, bank for a Software Developer with 2 years of experience between GS and JP Morgan?

I have been told that GS has bad WLB. Have no clue of JP Morgan Chase.

A step by step comparison would be much appreciated!

Pointers I am looking to compare,
- salary range that these companies offer
- expected number of work hours
- free food?
- PTOs?
- market reputation
- any layoff trend?
- expectations from an SDE in a financial firm

Hopefully experts can throw some light!


Target location: NY


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  • Microsoft aCCX36
    I would say stay at “New”
    Jun 26 4
    • New kinwea
      Sorry didn’t get. What is “new”?
      Jun 26
    • Capital One / Eng ну дурак
      Look to the left of your username
      Jun 26
    • New kinwea
      As in where I currently am?
      Jun 26
    • Microsoft aCCX36
      Bingo. Both are horrible places to work at.
      Jun 26
  • Chase raintrapd
    - salary range that these companies offer: Just base salary, bonuses are purely discretionary so no guarantees on amount
    - expected number of work hours: Depends on the team - if you're working with traders you'll need to be there for market hours plus before and after, so at least 8-4
    - free food? Probably not, maybe at quarterly town halls & similar.
    - PTOs? Actually the one place we're very good - I have ~36 days of PTO
    - market reputation - depends on consumer vs. investment banking
    - any layoff trend? More likely to fire contractors - harder to fire full-times.
    - expectations from an SDE in a financial firm? you're sort of the business's slaveboy, so it can suck at times.
    Jun 27 1
    • New vqmwe
      Thanks for that! Any idea of GS vs JPMORGAN ? Which has better culture?
      Jun 27
  • Peloton / Other

    Peloton Other

    Peloton, Samsung Electronics
    Both gonna be shitty. Rather go to quants/hedge. Banks usually are in the low range of TC unless you are in senior management/IB etc
    Jun 26 0
  • Both suck ! All banks suck !
    Jun 26 0
  • Facebook cuck
    I think GS is more prestigious
    Jun 26 0
  • New / Strategy

    New Strategy

    Tesla Motors, BMW, McKinsey, Porsche
    MIT BS MechE, Stanford GSB
    I have been realizing my Chase cards aren't valuable at all. Goldman Sachs cheated 1MDB.
    Jun 26 0
  • Chase sxNL31
    Both are shitty. Dont let anyone fool you
    Jun 27 0
  • Chase ethylhexyl
    At both, expectations are that you need to be productive... you can be laid off or fired if the business changes direction or economy shrinks... and as far as pay, you’ll be paid average if you’re an average performer, or very well if you’re a top performer. Hope this helps!
    Jun 27 0


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