Good companies in Denver/Colorado Springs

IBM sg4h7j
Jun 4 7 Comments

Can somebody give me some recommendations for companies to apply for in Colorado?

I plan to apply for Gusto. I know Cisco and Oracle both have offices there. Google has an office but from what I’m told there’s not many engineers.

IBM has an office there but I need to get out of IBM before I die here and become part of the foundation.

I see that there are a lot of startups in the area but don’t know much but any of them. I’d appreciate any and all recommendations!


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Gusto odLO63
    Join gusto :)
    Jun 4 1
    • IBM sg4h7j
      How is Gusto? I’ve only heard good things so far.
      Jun 5
  • Deloitte Maor70
    Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Workday, ShutterStock, Microsoft, Github, Visa, Charles Schwab all have small or big offices
    Jun 4 1
    • Amazon IPA!
      Also Slack, Twitter, Sendgrid/Twilio, Salesforce and Comcast. Apple has tiny eng office. You won’t find much in the Springs, but tons of options between Denver and Boulder.
      Jun 4
  • Google / Product rustySpOOn
    Theres a ton of engineers at Google in Boulder. And a new building to be finished eoy for another 400 or so.
    Jun 4 1
    • IBM sg4h7j
      That’s great to hear!
      Jun 4
  • NetApp python46
    Lots of great startups, NetApp’s office in Boulder is beautiful and is mostly engineers working on the new HCI product
    Jun 4 0


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