Good dividend yield stocks and ETFs

Amazon a~>z
Jul 8 12 Comments

What are some less risk with good dividend yield (maybe 5%) stocks or ETFs?

Some of them I think are
Stocks - T, VZ


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  • MVT: 4.7% and interest income exempt from taxes
    Jul 8 1
    • Expedia e2t2
      High expense ratio
      Jul 8
  • Amazon / Product DontSay
    Jul 8 0
  • Amazon / Eng utu
    BDCs easy 8-10%
    Jul 8 1
    • Microsoft Sup007
      Which ones would you recommend ?
      Jul 9
  • LinkedIn ex-fb
    IBM, O, ATT, Ford
    Moderate yield
    Cisco , Waste Management , Federal realty trust, any other dividend aristocrat.


    I think a growing dividend and low payout ratio is a bit more important than yield. Individual dividend stocks run the risk of cutting very low overall returns compared to growth stocks.

    When there is a crash, scoop up growth stocks with growing dividend for a good yield. You will have an amazing yield when the market recovers!!
    Jul 16 0
  • Zendesk jiWn86
    Jul 13 2
    • Amazon a~>z
      Seems to be too risky.
      Jul 14
    • Zendesk jiWn86
      Welp. I haven’t tried it but had a friend put 170,00 in 5 years ago and now he got 350,000 with just dividends
      Jul 17
  • Apple ijyA68
    High dividend yield usually means investors don’t think it is sustainable.
    Jul 9 1
    • Amazon a~>z
      Yes, that's why I'm not looking at very high yielding like 10 or 12% stocks and ETFs but only looking at 5% or 4% yield.
      Jul 14
  • Oath OPnd70
    VZ. Love that all my RSUs get a free 5% bonus on top every year.
    Jul 8 0