Good location to buy a home in Los Angeles?

Nov 29, 2018

I would like to live within 6 miles of West LA, where is a good place to buy a home for less than $700k.


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  • Google / MgmtLovedoo
    Silver lake. Los Feliz.
    Nov 30, 20180
  • Apple / Engcho Chang
    Venice. That sets u up for a short commute if u wanna work at snap.
    Nov 29, 20182
    • OP
      Actually, Venice is a bit dirty. Houses are really old and rundown.
      Nov 29, 2018
    • Facebook Zuccy
      Good luck buying anything more than a 1br condo in Venice for under 700k
      Nov 29, 2018
  • Symantec / Eng0x80007005
    Cerritos, Torrence.
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Salesforce pmyz88
    LA isn’t cheap anymore ..
    Nov 29, 20180
  • Google / Engiwashere
    That price and that location would be a 1 bedroom condo at most.
    Nov 29, 20180

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