Good manager? Bad Manager?

Postmates KalH06
May 23 8 Comments

Hey ladies, I created this doc for people to rate their manager.

I was once at a startup with no women in the room. My PM just repeated my ideas and everyone all the sudden listened. My manager did nothing about it and sometimes he would interrupt me in meetings. I eventually left.

Now I created this doc to see which company in general have better management. Not gender specific, you can add some descriptions at the end.
First time creating something like this, hope to get some feedback on this sheet.


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Microsoft yeeatjb
    Your manager interrupted you in meetings and you left! Wow
    May 23 2
    • Cisco / Eng VBxN41
      I don’t think you understand how disruptive this will be to a woman and to her career. Read some books about women in workplace
      May 23
    • Amazon Jеff Bezos
      It also happens that women have all their ideas stolen. You’d almost think that every time they hear something, they believe it was their idea all along.
      May 23
  • Amazon hot 🍞
    "hey ladies"
    >>Not gender specific
    May 23 1
    • Amazon Jеff Bezos
      Maybe the manager is not gender specific but rather an equal opportunity offender.
      May 24
  • Intel TyQi
    Imagine that every time you try to say something, someone else interrupts, nicely or otherwise, so you can’t ever finish a thought. The conversation is just moved to the next phase, the next person. No one ever comes back to you, never asks what you think, and if they do, they interrupt you with their thoughts.

    Would you stay?
    May 23 1
    • Microsoft yeeatjb
      If it happens every time, I would talk to my manager about it, if my manager doesn’t listen / change, I would leave. That’s not the case with OP
      May 23
  • Nvidia chocodaddy
    External "poll" to track clicks from signed in Gmail accounts? Nice try.
    May 23 0