Good time to join plaid?

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Have been reading up on what plaid does and find it really interesting. How is the culture like there and would you recommend joining now? What’s your opinion on how the company will fare during a recession?


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  • Plaid h7xgh9
    There is a thread from a month ago that answers some of your questions (culture, joining now, etc.).

    Overall strong team, culture, business, and still has a lot of upside left.

    Core business is very strong (CFP or close to it most months), good cushion from fundraise, etc. but biggest appeal is that as b2b and infra it’s a bit more insulated from a big shock since it’s success depends on the performance of a large basket of fintech companies.

    Still, can’t say anyone’s be too excited about a recession in SV. But Plaid’s fare better than most.

    Pretty transparent if you get an offer so you can evaluate on your own.
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