Good trick

Travelport / Eng buttnpushr
Jul 4 4 Comments

How would you fully undo all gains from solar by devising a contrived way to waste energy. Well just tell people it's virtual money lol


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  • Amazon / Eng AtinIay2
    Back in my day kids just used their extra compute power for SETI or something. But you can't gamble all your money and go broke on SETI
    Jul 4 1
    • Bloomberg / Eng

      Bloomberg Eng

      At least it was for a good cause
      Jul 4
  • Bitcoin ASICs.
    Jul 4 0
  • New / Eng tAcq10
    People overlook the fact that it's still much more environmentally friendly than gold mining. Plus once PoS is proven, energy consumption won't be an issue
    Jul 4 0


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