Google 1001 N. Shoreline Boulevard Office

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Jun 5 5 Comments


I am joining Google at Mountain View. My team's office is at 1001 N. Shoreline Boulevard. Anyone from there? Is it a nice office with similar amenities as Googleplex? Are there gBikes around the building to ride to main campus? Or maybe shuttles?



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  • Google gWatcher
    Pretty standard amenities here. Cafeteria is just Ok (I've had better at other offices) with hot food counter, custom salad station, soup, sandwich bar. Coffee bar on 4th floor. Nap rooms, Health Exam, Gym/Showers/lockers, Massage, Meditation, Mother's room.

    I see occasional gBikes but not a lot. Shuttle every 10 minutes in the morning. Resumes at 3:30 pm.
    Jun 5 2
    • Fullstack Academy / Eng this.user
      Nice, it has most of the amenities
      Jun 5
    • Google gWatcher
      Oh and soft serve ice cream machine...
      Jun 5
  • Microsoft uhuhu
    Ohh nice building. Parked there and took a bike over to googleplex because traffic sucked for noogler orientation. Brand new so better then googleplex imo, gym, cafeteria and heated toilet seats - which I thought was too extravagant. Bikes should be plentiful but not guaranteed. Cool architectural pieces.
    Jun 5 1
    • Fullstack Academy / Eng this.user
      Nice! Thanks
      Jun 5


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