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Deloitte / Consultant abebraham
Nov 5 3 Comments

Hi there Blind gang,

this is my first post so be nice!

I am struggling to find any information on expected compensation for a role as a Customer Engineer eith the Google Cloud team. Location is either in New York on San Jose.

Any idea what the compaenation would be for someone with 2 years experience in these cities?

Base Salary: 115k
Bonus: 10k
RSU: 0
location: San Diego


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  • Welcome to Blind.

    I don't have your answer but there is an unofficial rule that if you make a post you need to post your TC. It's extremely common for your first reply to be "TC or gtfo" if you haven't posted that.

    From my understanding, this is used so the community can compare their pay to yours if the roles are similar. Also, we use if it we are looking for a new job or career and we need to see if our offer is a low ball.

    Again, welcome to Blind.
    Nov 5 1
    • Deloitte / Consultant abebraham
      Ahh, makes sense. Will update my post. Thanks!
      Nov 5
  • Pivotal Nucc64
    It depends on the level that you get positioned in. Check for some insights
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