Google Cloud Support Director

Microsoft SyncChaos
Aug 30 3 Comments

I am intrigued by a 'Director' role in Google for GCP Support.
* What level is a GCP Support Director, is it an L8 typically or L7? Is it same as an Engineering Director or do GCP Support levels map differently? I am currently a L65 at MSFT and wondering if this is a stretch.
* Is a GCP Support Director role considered technical or non-technical?
* Any idea on typical compensation for the role?


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  • Google dfg655
    It's L8. Director level. Expectation is technical and operational.
    Sep 20 1
    • Microsoft SyncChaos
      Thanks - I no longer see that position on the careers site. That position was open for barely a couple of weeks.
      Sep 20
  • Microsoft SyncChaos
    Bubbling up this post as I didn't get any response...
    Sep 4 0


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