Google Compensation Expectation

Workday ryunncdw
Mar 15 8 Comments

Recruiter is asking for my compensation expectations. This is for L3.

Background: Masters + 1.5 yoe, and one competing offer from another top tier company


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Tableau weRpWxr
    Mar 150
  • Google camelCase
    If your competing offer is good, give them the numbers. Otherwise they lowball.
    Mar 150
  • VMware / Eng


    Sr MTS.
    I am not sure if you are supposed to share any compensation expectations.
    Mar 152
  • Bloomberg iVX372
    Don't share expectations. Say you're looking for a competitive offer. To get negotiating power, get another offer
    Mar 150
  • 😁
    Mar 150
  • Grab tAGA81
    What position?
    Mar 150

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