Google Ethics and Compliance what is their helpline phone number?

Apple aplanonymo
Feb 19 7 Comments

I need to report the misconduct of a hiring manager. I do not wish to email them.



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  • Oracle PypPyp
    Did you try Binging the answer first?
    Feb 19 3
    • Oracle PypPyp
      Wow, I've never worked somewhere that you couldn't just Google "companyname ethics hotline" and have this info come up in the first 2-3 results. Sorry about the snide comment, Google as a company gets shiftier by the day I guess. Try reaching out to your HR rep or searching your internal directory for the anyone on the ethics group. Another Blind post from last year mentioned so that might work as well.
      Feb 19
    • Apple aplanonymo
      Thank you, I do not wish to give them anything in writing.
      I would like to preserve my anonymity to not worry of retaliation.

      Google Ethics and Compliance give two options that go against anonymity:

      1. Contact > sender’s email address is identified.
      2. Go/saysomething > url is only accessible when google tag is plugged in, which is linked to employee identification number.

      Google does not enable employees to voice their concerns anonymously. Google does not protect employees from retaliation.
      Feb 21
    • Amazon DN
      For goodness sake, use a burner email.
      Apr 6
  • Where did they touch you
    Feb 20 0
  • E*Trade zhavn
    Shows us on the doll
    Feb 19 0
  • Microsoft caltrop
    What kind of misconduct?
    Feb 19 0