Google Fall 2019 Internship Host Matching

Quora emYa84
Jul 11 4 Comments

Hi, I'm currently in the host matching stage for the coming Fall and I thought I'd post here in case any managers are looking for interns. I'm a senior graduating in May 2020 with experience in backend development and distributed systems, but I'm open to other projects as well. I have a slight location preference for the Seattle area but willing to work in other offices as well. I'm happy to discuss in further detail over DM!


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Hubspot ishangulia
    I didn't get a Fall 2019 match
    Nov 14 1
    • Uber pwuwuau
      No host interviews or failed host interviews?
      Nov 14
  • Uber plaxc
    Did you end up getting a match?
    Nov 10 0
  • New / Eng FAANG_
    Can experience engineer be considered for intern position? How did you apply ?
    Jul 11 0


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