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Prudential flyingFi
Oct 14 8 Comments

does anyone know how the interview process for a senior financial analyst role at google works and what would be the expected total comp ?


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  • Prudential flyingFi
    Update : had my video interview. Was asked how to create a revenue forecast model and also about revenue recognition — think it went ok
    Oct 18 1
    • Amazon amznnnnn
      What were the next steps? Hope everything was positive.
      Nov 5
  • Washington Gas / Finance OpCN54
    Have HR screen with them soon for same role. I'll post my experience here.
    Oct 14 1
    • Washington Gas / Finance OpCN54
      Had HR screen this week. Nothing too deep. Recruiter will present my credentials to teams and will get back if any of them want to set up a video interview.
      Oct 18
  • I don’t know about comp but my friend had applied and they gave her some case study and sql testing skills.. like outer joins etc.. she never pursued it though..
    Oct 14 0
  • Prudential flyingFi
    Do you recall if it was a proper consulting case study or more of a generic one without math ?
    Oct 14 1
    • Stuff related to google stores dB and how you would eager data/information out..
      Oct 14
  • Prudential flyingFi
    Also any idea on the comp ?
    Oct 15 0


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