Google: How good are the options of London or Zurich or other Visa friendly countries for Software Engineer?

Google mmVE21
Apr 11 15 Comments

Due to VISA issues I am planning to look out for other VISA friendly options outside the US. How is London and Zurich or may be other options.

My concerns are:
1. Being able to get my wife and parents and have them work.
2. My career growth

I have joined as L3 and my TC is 160k. How will my salary look like in different countries if I move out?


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  • Apple CRNY
    from what I heard, life-wise and compensation-wise, Tokyo is the best option for Google. Zurich and London is not bad, but it’s not as good in the compensation and life balance~
    Apr 11 2
    • Apple Icml2017
      Is the TC in Tokyo for Google (or as such any big US company) similar to the compensation offered in Bay Area?
      Apr 11
    • Apple CRNY
      no. but note that in JP, the norm is that commute is paid by company, and rental is paid with pretax money. If you are to live a frugal life, you will save less than bay area I believe. But after tax with a normal or decent life, Tokyo definitely wins. One other thing is that if you’re aiming for staff/principal, US is still easier.
      Not sure for other US company, I only know people in Google and Amazon in Tokyo. Amazon is way way worse than US.
      Apr 11
  • Google IvTy55
    For TC go/paycomparison and filter on location
    Apr 11 0
  • Google / Product

    Google Product

    PayPal, Google, Accenture
    Sydney is friendly, if you find a role that you like
    Apr 11 0
  • King nooq
    Do not work for google but am American in London. Comp is anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 as much here in almost all companies unless you get a very special situation in stocks or something. Cost of living is high (rent or mortgage) compared to salary. Lifestyle also very different. Lots of crowded commuting for most people.
    Apr 11 0
  • Google / Eng lolwаt
    If you/your wife have an EU passport, Zurich is easy and you can import your parents too. Otherwise good luck.

    If your wife isn't in tech, don't expect her to work here. You'll be supporting everyone on one income

    Income wise, Google Zurich pays comparable to Bay Area. Somewhat less in raw numbers, but that's offset by taxes and lower housing costs. Outside of Google comp tops out at 150-200k
    Apr 12 2
    • Cavium JqFrjV1n
      Is work visa difficult for Zurich?
      Apr 12
    • Google / Eng lolwаt
      If you're a non EU, yes

      If you're EU, it's a non issue: Switzerland have a treaty with EU guaranteeing freedom of movement for EU here, you only need a work contract to come here
      Apr 12
  • TransferWise vpGV11
    Most countries wouldn’t allow you to take your parents as dependents, only your wife. Never heard of any country work visa that would.
    May 18 1
    • Google / Eng lolwаt
      There's a funny thing about bringing parents into Switzerland - if you or your spouse is EU, you can import your parents into Switzerland under EFTA for family reunification purposes, and doesn't matter if they're EU or not, they'll even get authorized to work. But not if you're swiss or naturalized! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      May 18
  • Google mmVE21
    So I don't have EU passport and my wife is not in tech. So does that mean Zurich shouldn't be one of my options? Will it be easy for me to get work permit? If yes, will it be difficult for my wife to get job there?
    Apr 12 1
    • Google / Eng lolwаt
      There's 8.5k quota for non-EU. You can try your luck, but it's not a sure thing that you'll get in.

      Your wife will automatically get a right to work, but not speaking German and not being in a high demand field she most likely won't find a job here, at least not easily. It's a difficult job market here and outside tech the salaries aren't great, though better than elsewhere in Europe. Count on her staying a housewife and raising your kids for a while
      Apr 13
  • Cavium JqFrjV1n
    Are you planning to do internal transfer from Google?
    Apr 11 1
    • Google mmVE21
      Apr 11


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