Google India L4 with 7 YOE

Amazon / IT MrRobo
Sep 19 16 Comments

I have got an offer from Flipkart with below pay as a SDE3

Variable: 6.75L (15% of base)
Stocks: 30L (Over 4 years, 25% every year)
Joining Bonus: 6L

Currently working at Amazon as SDE-2 with below pay
Stocks: 14 (Approx 18L in a year)

I also applied for Google and cleared telephonic round and have been invited for onsite. The recruiter told me they are considering me for L4 (I have 7 years of experience) and L5 is out of the picture. I was just wondering if it is even worth trying for? Will I be downlevelled as L4? Will they be able to beat my current comp at Flipkart?


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  • Google burnItDown
    Google’s L4 is Amazon’s L5 (same level)
    It perfectly computes. (Amazon starts at L4 and Google starts at L3).

    If you aren’t L6 at Amazon, there’s no chance you’d perform at Google L5. And Google usually underlevels. I know a lot of L6 from Amazon and L63 from Microsoft who have joined Google at L4.

    And anyway Google’s L4 will easily beat your Flipkart offer - I don’t see what’s the problem in giving an onsite.
    Sep 19 5
    • Uber shitUber
      This is bull shit. Google L4 base maxes out at 30L in India. What are you drinking?
      Sep 19
    • Google burnItDown
      I had 120k$ in RSU and 35 lacs in base - and I didn’t even negotiate hard.

      10 in joining bonus, 15% target performance bonus, more generous refreshers.
      Sep 19
    • Google burnItDown
      I’m drinking Paulaner Weiss. It’s a great Belgian beer - which you could get If you work at one of the European offices, which is another perk of joining Google.

      I play the long game, man.
      Sep 19
    • Walmart qcd4gh
      Damnnn! Loved the response!! Hahaha
      Sep 19
    • Apple woodkid
      Dope comeback Google !
      Sep 19
  • Uber SrL3
    L4 for 7 years sounds lame...
    Sep 19 2
    • Cloudflare / Eng myimouto
      it's probably the median level for 7 yoe
      Sep 19
    • Uber SrL3
      Are levels same as in US?
      Sep 19
  • Microsoft oXJQ15
    Did you got offer from Google?
    Oct 4 2
    • Microsoft oXJQ15
      Also share interview experience.
      Oct 4
    • Amazon / IT MrRobo
      Not yet. I have got my interview scheduled later in this month.
      Oct 6
  • Amazon Amz91
    Did you get the offer ?
    Nov 5 1
    • Amazon / IT MrRobo
      Nope, couldn’t make it..
      Nov 5
  • From what I heard, most people below 10yoe are offered L4 at Google India.

    Also, can you share the difficulty of the phone interview?
    Sep 19 1
    • Amazon / IT MrRobo
      The question was not very difficult but a good one. It had a number of layers which the interviewer uncovered as we moved ahead. I guess thinking out loud and covering the possible edge cases was the key.
      Oct 6


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