Google India interview difficultly and prep(L3 SWE)

Morgan Stanley / Eng sybky6f5
Jan 21 6 Comments

I have phone interview scheduled next month for general L3 SWE. I have 1.5 YOE.

What is the difficulty level I should expect?
Recruiter told me just focus on medium and hards.
Heard they are mainly asking hard DP and graph questions?


I have solved all easy, medium and hard questions of 2 LC lists: Most liked questions and Top 100 interviews questions.
LC solved: ~200

Should I buy LC premium and solve Google tagged questions?
Or should i invest my time in doing mock interviews on Pramp? (Please comment any other site for mock interview if you know)

Please provide any other advice which can help me prepare better.


TC: 16 LPA


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  • Oracle aaaiee
    Use, it’s really awesome.
    You can use my referral -
    Jan 21 3
    • Morgan Stanley / Eng sybky6f5
      I am stuck in the wait list.
      Jan 21
    • Oracle aaaiee
      Oh, even using the referral?
      Jan 21
    • Morgan Stanley / Eng sybky6f5
      Jan 21
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    • Morgan Stanley / Eng sybky6f5
      Jan 21
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