Google Internship, Microsoft Internship or both?

New dalum
Nov 19 10 Comments

Hello everyone :)

Long story short, I'm in my second year of University, computer science, and I have two internship offers, one from Google and one from Microsoft.

The Google offer is both for North America and EMEA, instead, the MS offering is for Redmond.

My idea was to accept the MS Internship from March to May and Google from July to Sept/Dec since I have exams during June.
The problem is that the earliest starting date is May, and I'd be busy with exams.

My main idea is to accept both, MS July to Sept and Google Oct to Dec/Jan.

I've already done an internship for Google last year and with another internship, I'd be eligible to get a full-time offer without interviews (most likely). Since my plan is to start a career in Google after my Bachelor's I'm also considering dropping the Microsoft offer and asking for a 6 months internship at Google.

I have already decided that I'm going to accept the Google offer, but I'm wondering if it would be worth trying to find a way to fit Microsoft as well.

I'd love to hear some past experiences in Microsoft, in particular, how much you can learn there.

Thank you so much! :)



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  • Google UOCR46
    Do both
    Nov 19 1
    • New dalum
      Can I ask you why?
      Nov 19
  • Amazon ksoxm
    It probably would be nice to get a different perspective, but I wouldn't strain myself for it
    Nov 19 1
    • New dalum
      Seeing a different perspective is one of the reasons that keep me considering the MS offer. But as you said, I don't know if it's worth to strain myself for it.
      Nov 19
  • Microsoft mschvs
    If you have already made your mind that you want to go to Google, why do you even want to consider Microsoft?

    Now you say a second internship with Google would allow you to be hired without interview. But is it guaranteed that you'll be recommended for hire? You said you interned with Google last year. This time around you are one year more experienced and they will likely have higher standards for recommending a hire. So you need to understand that a hire won't be guaranteed.

    On the other hand, if you do the internship with Microsoft, as others already pointed out, you have an amazing chance of having the perspectives on two of the most desirable places to work. Then you'll be more prepared to make a longer-term decision.

    As for doing both, keep in mind you must let them know. Both Microsoft and Google will want to know that. You are risking leaking intellectual property from Microsoft to a competitor, and Google doesn't want the risk of being in the receiving end of that IP. Be transparent before anything.
    Nov 19 1
    • New dalum
      I want to consider Microsoft to see a new perspective and to see if Google is really the place where I want to kick off my career. Also, Google is only a starting point (for now in my mind), knowing what Microsoft is like will make me consider it for the future.

      I didn't say it is guaranteed, but the FT offer, after 2 internships, is pretty high (AFAIK).
      And yes, I didn't think about the higher hiring standards, noted!

      Sure, my recruiters are already aware of that.

      Thank you for your point of view, it helped! :)
      Nov 19
  • New XoAY48
    Ya both. I think their offers are valid for 12 months. So you get to chose when going FTE. Also Microsoft may match salary if they really like you.
    Nov 19 0
  • Microsoft Penguin me
    Nov 19 0
  • Postmates jhj107
    Do a Poll, I’d say both. Both on the resume will be dope to have.
    Nov 19 0
  • Intel / Eng Feetcode
    Jezz, third world problems...

    People are dying in Africa and Middle East, just fyi
    Nov 20 0


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