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Amazon HsHf08
Feb 20 4 Comments

I'm currently a Master's student at a tier 2 University.

I recently had 3 telephonic interviews with Google for Summer internship. It seems I have a 4th interview coming up next week, which would again be telephonic.

I was wondering if it's normal to have so many interviews. I'm also pretty late to the party considering host matching and all.

Any views would be appreciated.


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  • New idnesk
    Never heard of anyone getting a fourth.

    Honestly doesn't matter. Your chances of getting a match this late is very low.
    Feb 20 3
    • Amazon HsHf08
      That's encouraging 😐
      Feb 20
    • Google euBx84
      They're giving you the truth. If I were you, I would try to do really well at phone interview, pass HC, and then tell recruiter you're very open in terms of domain, time/season of internship, etc. There are fall/spring internships as well so you might be better off asking for fall. Summer must be done/very close to done.
      Feb 20
    • Amazon HsHf08
      Thank you for the advice. I kinda already knew it was too late for me. But I'll talk to the recruiter as you suggested.
      Feb 20


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