Google L3 offer

Intel GNHv43
Nov 1 14 Comments

Is this a good offer for bay area for MS in US +4 years experience.

Base: 130K
Stocks: 185K (46K/year)
Bonus: 15%
No sign on
TC: 195K

Current TC: 170K (Austin)


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    • LinkedIn boppob
      Really, are you a recruiter? That tc is shit for 4yoe
      Nov 1
    • LinkedIn boppob
      You just called it a very good offer wtf. Friend joined YouTube last yr with 2yoe for 190 and felt low balled. This is weak af for tier 1
      Nov 1
  • LinkedIn Fruck
    25k more from Austin is not even close for bay area cost of living. You need a minimum 40% hike dude to make a move
    Nov 1 1
    • Google swinglyf
      Not really. Google knows that you’ll move for that unless you have other offers due to career and compensation growth at google vs intel
      Nov 1
  • Google TheCoaster
    This is definitely a lowball offer. L3 can be up to 280k in average for 4 years. With 4 yoe this TC is insulting. Ask signon bonus. Also don’t trust something like you can be L4 in 1 year. It’s hard now with new sustained perf process. And you are likely to be thrown to a shitty team because you are L3
    Nov 1 1
    • Intel GNHv43
      I asked for sign on and they said they can only move the money around from equity to sign on. 😐
      Nov 1
  • Intel GNHv43
    Thank you for the input everyone! I’ve decided to decline the offer and go with a startup.
    Nov 1 1
    • New bntO00
      You may end up learning much more in 2y and go back to Google at L5 ;-)
      Nov 2
  • Apple


    Really? I thought that’s a pretty low ball offer. A fair TC will Atleast be 225k.
    Nov 1 0
  • Google


    This is prolly good offer for L3. But not so good offer/level for 4 yoe. You may have/get better TC with other companies?
    Nov 1 1
    • Intel GNHv43
      Sort of. I have a startup offer. If I count the paper money, then the TC is more than this. But I’ve decided to go with it.
      Nov 1
  • Glassdoor ffff.
    This is an insulting offer. I know marketing reps in Google that make more.

    Edit: just saw that you declined the offer - well played!
    Nov 2 0
  • Facebook / Eng mturtle
    T3 with 4 yoe is not good. You will be joining at same level as new grads. Your COL is going to sky rocket.

    You should keep looking, since you passed google L3, you can probably get L4 equivalent at another company.
    Nov 1 0
  • Google The Old Nite
    Standard offer
    Nov 1 0


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