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Baidu HexSparrow
Oct 16 12 Comments

Hi folks,

I have a Google offer for an L4 SWE postion:

4 YoE + PhD, ML/AI

Base - 165k
GSU - 410k
bonus - standard 15%
Sign-on bonus: 35k

TC ~ 293k

Recruiter told me this is a good L4 offer, what do you think?


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TOP 12 Comments
  • Snapchat wiwiwiw
    This is a great L4 offer!
    Oct 16 0
  • New sDPN74
    But 4 yoe + phd is L4 seems like lowball
    Oct 16 0
  • Facebook Pbuj80
    As an L4 offer, it is good enough.
    Fact is that without 4 yoe, you still get an L4 offer as phd new grad. If this is something you could live with, go for it.
    Oct 16 2
    • New wua
      Can we get L4 with 2.5 yoe?
      Oct 16
    • Facebook Pbuj80
      It’s largely depending on interview performance for google. I’ve seen 10 yoer gets L4 and 3 yoer gets L5.
      Oct 16
  • NVIDIA chokers
    How did interview go . Did you had ML design part ? Any specific on what was asked in that ?
    Nov 1 0
  • LinkedIn swGw38
    that’s a good offer for L4
    Oct 17 0
  • New KuqP64
    It looks a solid offer. It’s def on the top 15%.
    Oct 17 0
  • Uber denshaSai
    Looks decent for l4, but shouldn't ml get more?
    Oct 16 0
  • Microsoft australig
    Mountain view?
    Oct 16 0
  • Flowcast lulll
    Yeah, any reason you’re not staying in ML?
    Oct 16 0
  • Citrix Systems ylwmlw
    For a PhD in ML/AI seems 🥜
    Oct 16 0


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