Google L6 stock refreshers

Microsoft / Eng msfJ
Jun 18, 2018 7 Comments

Negotiating an offer for a L6 manger offer at Google. How do stock refreshers work and if it paid annually with a standard target percentage for the level (or is it a % of initial stock grant)? Thanks.

Currently L66 at msft, TC 405k


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TOP 7 Comments
  • Facebook otwjfpqgea
    your tc is as high as L6. why do you wanna join google?
    Jun 19, 2018 3
    • Microsoft / Eng msfJ
      More interesting product, tired of msft politics, bit of a step down in team size at Google but will be a good challenge.

      Also proposed TC at Google close to 500k sans refreshers... Let's see...
      Jun 19, 2018
    • Expedia Buildtheqa
      Politics is everywhere in big tech....
      Jun 19, 2018
    • Facebook otwjfpqgea
      google is the new msft
      Jun 19, 2018
  • Google UBdG56
    I’ve seen anywhere between 140k to 220k in yearly refresher.
    Jun 18, 2018 1
    • Google YnPX80
      That sounds correct to me. Post promo L6 refresh (SE/Superb last two L5 ratings) was around 180.
      Jun 19, 2018
  • Microsoft / Eng RainyJune
    It is % of the level target, not related to your initial grant
    Jun 18, 2018 0