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Oct 8 2 Comments

Hey All,

I have a phone screening with a Google PM recruiter for the YouTube team on Friday. Does anyone have any tips on how to make sure I convert the call into an actual interview? Was able to do so pretty easily with Facebook, but I’ve been having a tougher time getting a Google PM recruiter on the phone so I want to make sure I convert. I used to work in consulting and recently ran my own venture backed fintech startup where I realized my love for product. Any tips from Google PM’s or people who have interviewed before would be great! I typically try and focus on the hands on product work I did with the startup or this social/professional networking platform I recently helped build for a non-profit. Any areas Google loves to hear about? Excited for this opportunity as Google is a dream company of mine.


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  • Verb Surgical / Product hoopdee
    Recruiter screen is boring ...there are making sure you are normal.. questions are about your resume ... current role...why Google ( never say bcos it's Google) talk about scale, structured learning , culture
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    • OP
      I figured as much, just wanted to double check since I really want this role
      Oct 8


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