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Amazon / Product nomad9876
Aug 12 4 Comments

I had my phone round for a generalist PM role with Google in early May and my onsite interview in early June. Unfortunately, I didnt make it through the onsite. Soon after the onsite, I was promoted in my team at Amazon and have delivered some big projects since then.
A few days back my friend told me about multiple PM openings in a specific team in Google Home. I work for the exact same team in Alexa working on the same set of problems and hence feel that I will potentially be a good/natural fit for the open role at Google.
After my onsite, my recruiter told me that I need to wait for 12 months before I can interview again. Has anyone been in the same situation? Can I interview again? Any inputs would be great!


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  • Microsoft tincans
    Regardless of your experience in the domain or relevancy to the role, it's a one year cool off. And again you've to go through the same phone interviews and on-site. No way around it. Plus you'll again be interviewed genetically (one cloud domain interview if you're in cloud business). It's only during team match you'll be able to pick the team. Google hiring is pretty stupid as we all know.
    Aug 13 2
    • Amazon / Product auMS64
      What is asked in cloud domain interview? Is it experience based or problem solving based questions? Can you give an example or two? Thanks for helping with this question :)
      Aug 13
    • Microsoft tincans
      Before interviews they'll ask you for a domain you're comfortable with like compute, security, networking etc. Based on what you choose, there will be a PM from that domain who'll ask high level questions on the domain. Just conceptual. Not like a tech interview
      Aug 13
  • Chase / Product ptgi36
    When you fail an interview at Google, there is a 12 month cool off period. If 12 months have passed, you should be good to go.
    Aug 13 0


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