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Amazon NikeRun!
Mar 30 9 Comments

I am currently a PgM at Amazon interviewing with Google for PgM role, on-site is in a week, for a non tech business operations role.

As someone pointed out, for the same role, Amazon tend to focus a lot more on the business side where Google has more of tech aspect and this is my biggest concern.

At Amazon, I don’t work with Eng directly, mostly interacts with business, finance, product. When recruiter mentioned there will be Eng team during the interview, I am not sure what to expect. Any tips you may have is highly appreciated. Comment or DM both are fine.

On another note, my phone screen with HM was quite challenging, HM asked me a real case at Google and how to resolve it. It’s challenging in terms of not much background information and pressing on solutions, I also had to calculate a metrics on the phone, I personally have never gone on an interview like this but maybe this is normal at Google? I felt I did ok after all but had to pause and mumbled quite a bit which I wasn’t sure how the HM think of it, glad to know they are moving forward.



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  • Amazon JGKTddr@12
    What’s the level and offer from google?
    Mar 30 0
  • Amazon NikeRun!
    Keep in mind that’s also due to Amazon stock price appreciation, I was given relatively large number of stocks.
    Mar 30 2
    • Lam Research gurukool
      Ok i have 8 YOE in TPM what level can I expect in Bay Area? L6? How much stocks do they give for that level ?
      Mar 30
    • Amazon chipndl
      Google is most likely L4, maybe L5 if you do really good
      Apr 29
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    • Lam Research gurukool
      that’s amazing for non tech .. I’m surprised
      Mar 30
  • Dell vegita
    Hello OP, were you selected for the role? How was the interview?
    Jul 5 0
  • Amazon noodlePull
    What level at Amazon?
    Mar 30 0
  • Lam Research gurukool
    What’s your current TC ?
    Mar 30 0
  • Oath / Mgmt Atinlay1
    Mar 30 0


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