Google Program Manager salary expectations

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Mar 14 7 Comments

I'll soon be getting into negotiations for PgM (non tech) L4 position at Google with 3 years of experience. I'm in the Bay Area. What is the salary break down I should expect? It's difficult to get data with my YoE and this level.


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  • Google / Productsap3015
    My TC is $109k as a project manager, 15% bonus. I was right out of Masters (stem) when I had joined my current job.
    Mar 150
  • Google RealThKu
    Start off with posting your current TC
    Mar 140
  • Cisco / ProductU there
    Mar 140
  • Google / Productsap3015
    It depends a lot on the org and domian as well, I guess.
    Mar 151
    • Cerner JF Kennedy
      Hi OP,
      Any luck with the offer yet?
      Mar 22
  • Google / Productsap3015
    Yep! I asked the recruiter and they told me recently. They told L3/L4 when I was interviewing a couple of weeks ago.
    Mar 150
  • New / Eng


    BS in Robotics Eng (US), MS in Data Science (US Ivy League)
    Did they tell you its l4? I just joined, i have 4 yrs relevant exp and 0.75 yr other exp, hc gave me l3. My exp is not from big company though- i thought it was due to interview performance but my manager told me my perf was solid
    Mar 150

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