Google System design interview

Amazon Frowu77
Jul 2 8 Comments

Have an upcoming onsite at GCP.

Any tips for system design rounds? Are questions like Design Facebook or are they like more specific?


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    Punani Other

    Clarify and narrow the scope first. Keep thinking of potential new problems in the design. And never say you don't know how to improve your design. There are always problems in every system.
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  • Palo Alto Networks QtYK33
    Unfortunately all the ones u see on the web are not asked. Is it an NALSD or just system design. If former, u need to also cover capacity planning, including estimating how many servers, disks, etc. Also estimate rough cost. For both, first get all use cases/features down, next start with a "hello world" equivalent and make sure you solve all use cases. Depending on the interviewer you may need to offer rest API signatures, DB table design, etc. After that, they will jump on scale stuff ... My recommendation is to talk about at least 85% of the scale items like handling large transactions, sharding DB, etc. Then deliberately think aloud about the remaining 15% and solve them of course. There are things you will not be able to cover like security, politeness protocol (if applicable), etc., Draw a small box in the corner of the board and note them, if u have time cover them otherwise the interviewer will at least know u thought about it.

    Some of the questions I've seen ... Service to ingest and serve a trillion k/v pairs, execute several tasks that have billion+ steps, etc. Everything u see in every prep site is a banned question. But still go over them so they give you the framework to solve them. The github primer is a good one. Also do not propose using any product u know, u are required to build. DB, load balancers, etc., Only things like DNS resolvers are allowed.

    Good luck!
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  • Check the systems design primer on github. That’s good resource. Beyond that it is hard to predict what they would ask.
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    New Data

    I think you can get both. Hopefully this can help:
    Good luck!
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  • OnDeck GPgj02
    I’ve been onsite twice and I got the same question but in disguise.
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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    For me, all distributed system knowledge related. Very abstract.
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  • Apple I45dw9df
    Prepare to do a bunch of basic math on the board because you might get an interviewer who won’t let you use a calculator.
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