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Google TVCs out number fte’s?

Microsoft Big Pun
Dec 5


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  • Facebook Instagrаm
    Sundar should tell them to continue leetcoding and try again in a year.
    Dec 50
  • The best move by google was to dump all finance related tvc to a building in San Jose and then remove all food options..
    Dec 54
    • Google / EngBTGoth
      That's because they were hoarding 5 togo boxes a day.
      Dec 5
    • Microsoft Big Pun
      Dec 5
    • Well why this double hypocrisy when other tvcs in 1400 building? They were enjoying free food though and no harm to them.

      What’s was the point of this stupid move when you would still allow the red badge to come to cafe and eat food?
      Dec 5
    • Google / EngBTGoth
      Gotta start somewhere
      Dec 5
  • Compass / Eng


    Stop being a contractor if you don’t like the comp
    Dec 50
  • Google Snowflake❄
    Weird! They are TVCs so they deserve lower comp! Be mature!
    Dec 51
    • Google / EngBTGoth
      Username does not(?) check out
      Dec 5
  • Credit Karma Olau
    TVCs are all the landscapers, maids, cooks, cleaners, etc. at Google sites everywhere?
    Dec 50
  • Verizon / DesignSnoopDoge
    So does TVCs get to work on critical parts of Google’s products? Or is it only handled by FTEs?
    Dec 50

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