Google Team Match Timeline?

Microsoft wlmf21
Jul 16 6 Comments

Passed HC last Thursday (L4). Checked in with recruiter this morning but was told no team had shown interest. How long does it usually take for team matching? Should I ask recruiter to expand the matching range? Any advice in general?


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  • Amazon lolr
    Can take a very long time and lots of false leads that may abandon you at last minute. Get ready for a long ride, especially at L4. My advice is to keep interviewing, let your recruiter know about deadlines and force their hand.
    Jul 16 0
  • Amazon qsfM54
    Make yourself more interesting
    Jul 16 0
  • Essar hheje8
    op, any update? I am in similar situation
    Jul 27 2
    • Microsoft wlmf21
      It just took time. Make sure to ask your recruiter to send your profile to more orgs, if there's no match after a few days. They can also mark yours as high priority in the system.
      Jul 27
    • Essar hheje8
      thank you for your reply. this is really helpful. I will follow your advise.
      Jul 27
  • Goldman Sachs faith91
    Our of curiosity, how much YOE do you have?
    Jul 16 0