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Apr 8, 2018 2 Comments

Hi Googlers,

I have 7 years total experience as a Test Automation Engineer (designing customer device test automation harness, working directly with the preprod hw, implementation of reporting db and web front end, writing Python/Perl test tools, NOT blind manual execution or any other technician type of work), currently ICT4 @ Apple.

1. What is the position at Google that would match my experience?
2. Which grade and compensation (base/rsu/sign on)? Is it the same as SW Dev?
3. Should/can I apply to a specific team (or be somehow recommended for a specific job)? Any way to get better chance of being hired by showing how you have designed your validation instead of leetcode type of questions?
4. How to prepare for interview for this particular position (not asking about general SWE CTCI type of advice, more about questions for this type of job, test strategies etc.)? Any books/websites?

Thanks in advance!


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