Google/ YouTube senior iOS engineer onsite

Asurion mzvs24
Jul 20 4 Comments

Have an onsite coming up for a senior iOS engineer position. What kind of DS/ algo questions to expect? LC- Med? Do they also ask iOS specific problems to whiteboard? What kind of questions are asked in system design? Design gmail/ YouTube iOS app? Appreciate the pointers.


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  • PM me
    Jul 20 0
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    • Asurion eYJD01
      I actually had 2 phone screens. I was asked to design an iOS specific thing in the first screen. Was asked a LC-Med in the second screen. Are you sure there won't be any iOS related questions onsite? Perhaps it depends on the interviewer?
      Jul 20
  • New / IT naxir
    System design: design a ride sharing app for 3 buildings of google

    IOS: how hittest works, rewrite hittest, write a recursive method to print events chain of cascaded views, use gcd to define dependencies
    Jul 20 0
  • Yahoo / Media hluN18
    Did you go onsite ? Curious to know how was your ios rounds ?
    Aug 27 0


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