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Oracle wmQj28
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18 yrs experience, PM, UK here

My Google recruiter informed me y'day that I got past the VP approval for a L4 TPM role at Zurich. Need advise for the following from fellow blinders:
1. How much would be a fair TC to expect
2. At Google, is it possible to move from TPM to PM and if so is it as simple as just app'ing to an appropriate/fit role and how much time is generally needed to shift teams
3. Is L4 a lowball, I have a MS (Comp Sc) from a T1 UK university
4. Quality of work and WLB at the Zurich office
I work on the SaaS-ERP side, any inputs/thoughts on moving from PM at Oracle to TPM at Goog would be greatly appreciated, team matching not yet done.

Current TC: 91k + ~15k RSU 💷per annum



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  • Facebook / Eng Allegrante
    18 years. L4. What the fuck?!

    That’s a lowball by like 2-4 levels. They had to have thought you were an idiot interviewing you or they possibly lowballed you if you volunteered your current salary (or expectations)... in which case you’re an idiot for that.
    Sep 7 10
    • Microsoft mj__tr
      Sorry, but name-calling and insults have nothing to do with directness. You could've made your point in a much mature and helpful manner. But then again, this is blind, so...
      Sep 7
    • Facebook / Eng Allegrante
      Man I feel real sorry for someone that gets butt hurt for saying “If you did this you’re an idiot”. That must be a really fragile mental state to live with.
      Sep 7
    • Facebook cochococho
      Confirmed. A jerk
      Sep 7
    • Microsoft mj__tr
      There's a difference between fragile and respectful. Anyway, good day to you.
      Sep 8
    • Oracle wmQj28
      Thanks for your inputs Allegrante, point taken on levels, will get back to my recruiter reg. this. Any inputs from Googlers on the possibility of transfer from TPM to PM and if you are aware of folks that made such transfers. Any info in this regard would be much appreciated.
      Sep 8
  • Uber mbbbtrrr
    L4 with 18YoE 😅
    Sep 7 0
  • Apple / Eng 🐒codemonk
    Expect L4 TC (CHF to USD almost 1:1) slightly higher than that in California
    Sep 7 0


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