Google Zurich Two Offices - Which office? Orientation.

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I saw that there seemed to be two Google offices that were about 27 minutes apart, Google Europaallee G and the other in Brandschenkestrasse 110.

Which office does the orientation occur, and what office, as a SWE, would one be more likely be in? What's the difference between the two offices?

Thank you!


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  • Google / Eng fsck
    Europaallee is a newer office. It's not just building G, they rent multiple buildings there, for example swiss post building.

    AFAIK they shoved all SREs to Europaallee but there are also some dev teams there.

    Both locations have big training rooms, so I think training could be equally likely to be in either of them and frankly it doesn't matter which one. It's the same public transport zone (I e. same price) plus there are scooters and ebikes for easy transport between offices if you don't have your own bike
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    • New tflv00
      Thanks, super excited to start work!
      Aug 3
  • BYTON cJKu57
    I wanna know this too
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      Yup, gotta prepare my accommodation. :)
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