Google another interview after HC

Intel kqAh52
Sep 5 4 Comments

I am interviewing in google for l7 position. I was told by recruiter that after Hiring committee review, I need to go through one more executive interview. Is it common? What should I expect?


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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    For L7, it is expected
    Sep 5 1
    • Intel kqAh52
      Thank you Eisenhower. Do you know someone who experienced this?
      Sep 5
  • This is what I got from the L7 recruiter: if you interviewed at a L6 position and it was bumped up to L7 at a later phase then there might be certain areas they missed out on in the interview process. Unless your external references nail those areas, you may have a post HC interview to cover it.
    Sep 26 0
  • Intel / R&D HotshotGG
    Help an Intel fellow out and refer me once u get in
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